Suck it up!

A couple of weeks ago I posted ‘Toys!’ and mentioned secretly ordering a suction cupping set. While I was interested I don’t have a huge budget right now, so didn’t want to expend a lot of money on something I was going to try for fun. had an awesome looking suction cupping set on offer for $34.95 plus shipping, well within my budget.

My order arrived and SweetGeekGoddess and I opened the box together, with only myself knowing what it contained. Juices flowed; my creative juices and from Goddess…. yes, you’re exactly right! I know she was apprehensive seeing it there, not knowing how it would work. Apparently, however,  the evil maniacal look on my face overwhelmed any traces of caution, as she realized it would indeed leave a mark and the experience would be worthwhile on several levels.

The set came with six pairs of hard plastic cups, a hand pump, and magnetic acu-pressure inserts. This is the set I bought:

Discarding the instructions (because that’s the way I roll… Goddess says it’s a guy thing) I started fitting a cup onto the suction pump. With the set I have it was a little tricky to remove the pump and leave the cup in place. There’s a yellow ‘piston’ as part of the vacuum-lock mechanism which can catch on the pump during removal releasing the air pressure before you’re ready. This is quickly overcome with a couple of minutes practice and some care during pump removal.

My girl was quite ready to test out this new toy, as was I. Despite putting the instructions to one side, I know enough not to use this new toy over broken skin, open wounds (more on that later) scar tissue, or the heart. That said, I went to town. I placed a cup over her left breast, pushed down firmly and gave two pumps because I wasn’t certain how much pressure would be needed. This first cup didn’t stay on because of the previously mentioned ‘yellow piston’ issue but was soon overcome. Before long I had six cups over her upper chest and breasts. Time for some nipple suction! Goddess mentioned this was a little painful so I was (almost) careful about how much pressure was used. Seeing her large nipple drawn up the plastic tube was amazing to watch, and the sadism involved had my cock hard. It should be noted that causing my girl consensual pain has this effect on me! The acu-pressure inserts are especially fun if you use enough pressure to draw flesh up onto them. Apparently the poking sensation causes some conflicting responses and is definitely a love-hate aspect of this play technique.

I left the cups I’d already attached in place and found a slightly narrower one, which I understand is the one generally used for nipples. Parting her legs I placed the cup against her clit and started to draw back the pump handle. Watching slightly moist flesh as it was drawn up the tube had me excited, SweetGeekGoddess in a little pain, and both of us enjoying our first cupping session.

Removing the cups is simply a matter of pulling up on the ‘yellow piston’ for instant release. During our first session I only left the cups on for maybe 10 minutes or so while we explored. The marks the cups caused look like bruises or ‘love bites’ but most faded quickly, though a couple remained vivid enough for longer than a week. Those were in a visible location and so my girl had to wear high neckline clothing and wasn’t so happy about my lack of forethought. Naturally I’m still grinning about that bonus circumstance.

The sex immediately after this first session was intense, heightened by the newly sensitive nipples and clit, all having been engorged by the vacuums. Contrary to the hype, I bet in space, folks actually scream louder and longer!! (for those old enough to remember the first Alien! movie advertising campaign).

Now, let me go back to cupping over an open wound. While I don’t recommend cupping over an open wound caused by an injury, there is a methodology called ‘Wet Cupping’ when a lancet or scalpel is used to make a small incision into the skin. When a cup is placed over the incision and the vacuum is created, blood is drawn into the cup along with the skin. For those of you who enjoy blood-play I imagine this would be an exciting practice if care is taken not to over-do things. Your mileage may vary!

Thanks to for another quality product and speedy shipping. Now to buy another couple of Hitachi wands as I have another idea in mind……….


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2 Responses to Suck it up!

  1. Liquidjade says:

    WOW ~ Fun!
    I’ve only experienced cupping as a part of healing in martial arts.
    thank you for sharing the more deviant aspects of it. Clit and nipples…. mmmmmm :)

  2. Sweetwillingsub says:

    Great experience – Cupping is something I have been cursious about for a whilennow just have not had the opopportunity. Hope soon.

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