Jesus Likes His Kung Poa Chicken Hot

Easter Sunday 4/24/2011

Last night Gamer was out of town for work and my dearest friend Darling Evil(DE) came by the house to kidnap me to go out to dinner with our friends.  I say kidnap because my initial response to her was ‘no’.  I still had quite a few things left on my always lengthy to-do list; I had to get my work done first.  Not accepting ‘no’ for an answer, she gave me one hour to get it done and be ready. We had a wonderful dinner with our friends, enjoying the positive energy that always arises out of our gatherings.

Later that evening Darling Evil (DE) and I sat together in my family room and chatted about many things as women are wont to do.  We got on the topic of how some un-collared submissives like to rub against certain Dom’s like cats in heat without respect for his/her other relationships. I then used the example of Mary and Martha out of the Bible (Luke 10:38-42). DE not having been raised in a particular religious home didn’t get the reference.  So I began to elaborate.

You see Jesus had a super good friend named Lazarus. He loved Lazarus so much that he even raised him from the dead.  So Jesus was often hanging out at Lazarus’ house. But as you know, Jesus always had a large group with him. DE pipes up you mean like a ‘posse’? Yep, like a posse!  So Jesus shows with his posse in tow to hang out with Lazarus.  Well, Lazarus had two sisters, Martha and Mary.  Martha was in the kitchen hauling ass to feed all these people while Mary was sitting all subby-sub at Jesus’ feet. Martha comes in and says “Yo bitch, we got people to feed! Get up and help me in the kitchen.” Jesus then admonishes Martha and basically tells her to take a chill pill. What has always annoyed me about that story is that Martha was thinking about the best interests of her guests. She knew the value of having a well organized home and without someone to do the work, things just simply wouldn’t get done.  As I said to DE: “If no one was in the kitchen to cook the meals, then we would be eating take-out all the damn time. I hope Jesus likes take-out.”  In which DE replied, “I bet Jesus likes his Kung Poa chicken hot!”  We then broke into hysterical laughter.

I have a dear friend Jodi. She is head mistress of the Wasatch Academy for the Refinement of Ladies & Gentlemen of Leather.  In addition to being highly educated, highly intelligent and incredibly refined, she too is a submissive. Jodi to me is the epitome of all that is good of the Mary’s of the world. She works really hard at becoming the best she can be to better serve her husband and her Dominant. She takes the time she needs for herself, to be able to serve at a higher level. Jodi’ wouldn’t hesitate to make sitting at her Master’s feet over doing the dinner dishes. Lately I have often thought to myself WWJD (What Would Jodi Do).

I relate way too much with Martha. Hell, I am Martha.  I forget in my desire to please those I love and serve that not all needs are those of the body. Sure, it is important to have a well organized clean environment. Sure, well cooked healthy meals are important. However, there needs be a balance between being a domestic servant and being a friend and companion. Sometimes it is good to be a Mary, sit at your Master’s feet and enjoy his company. Sometimes it is good to let go of the domestic chores and just relax. Sometimes it is good to prioritize time to yourself so that you can better serve. Sometimes take-out is a good thing. But remember to keep the Kung Poa chicken hot!


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3 Responses to Jesus Likes His Kung Poa Chicken Hot

  1. Liquidjade says:

    I agree, that balance is difficult to obtain. And, in some cases, the service is the only form of fulfillment, with life getting in the way and all.

    Thank you for illustrating how important it is to take the time for all forms of enjoyment of those in our lives. Kung Pow Chicken and then cheesecake. :)

  2. aine43 says:

    I need to trade you some of my Mary, for some of your Martha…lol

  3. Sexperts says:

    I read your comment about this post on Submissive Guide and followed your link here. I am glad I found the story!

    I think it is great for someone to be able to put Biblical stories into light for BDSM and vice versa. There are many stories of rich and beautiful submission in the Bible that can help both Christians and kinksters (and those of us who are both!) learn to submit and dominate. Thanks for sharing.

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